CAPA – Concrete Asphalt Pipe Aggregates

CAPA - Concrete Asphalt Pipe Aggregates

All Valley Trucking

In 2000, All Valley Trucking was established as part of CAPA’s operations, enabling the company to haul and deliver construction materials to clients and within the organization. CAPA, a leading company in the construction industry, expanded into the transportation sector with a dedicated fleet of trucks. These trucks provide reliable transportation services for construction materials and product delivery, emphasizing hourly delivery to ensure prompt and efficient logistics solutions. 

CAPA’s exceptional vehicles are a vital asset in ensuring the delivery of high-quality construction materials. These trucks are equipped with advanced technology and maintained to the highest standards, allowing them to handle various materials and contribute to seamless operations. Whether transporting ready-mixed concrete, asphalt, or other construction products, CAPA’s vehicles bring precision and reliability.

Security & Safety

With our own vehicles, CAPA can prioritize safety and security by implementing stringent maintenance protocols and ensuring the proper handling of construction materials, guaranteeing our integrity throughout the transportation process. This commitment to safety provides peace of mind to our clients, knowing that their materials will be securely delivered without compromising quality.

Aggregate Truck

Time Saving

Having our vehicles at CAPA gives us complete control over transportation schedules, ensuring efficient and timely deliveries of construction materials. This time-saving benefit allows us to streamline operations and provide our clients with prompt and reliable service.